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Truth, Beauty, Love
The Lokanat Gallery of Art

The Lokanat Gallery of Art officially opened on 15 October 1971 with a Memorandum of Agreement signed between the Board of Directors and nine member artists. The motto of the gallery was: "Truth, Beauty, Love". The premises are located at 62, Pansodan Street, on the first floor of the corner block with Merchant Street.

The Lokanat Gallery of Art is a non-profit, non-government organization. From the begining, Lokanat Gallery has been committed to promoting both contemporary and academic art and therefore the two halls of the gallery are used to separately display works of these different styles.

The works of the first members who were prestigious masters such as U Hla Shein, U Kin Maung (Bank), U Ohn Lwin, U San Win and U San Shane etc. were on show with those of young but already prominent artists such as Shwe Oung Thame, Paw Oo Thett, Sun Myintt and Tin Win etc. hanging in the next room. Since then, several new members have been accepted.

For 40 years the Lokanat has been successful in its aim to promote the artists of Myanmar, young and old. We are proud that it is the longest running gallery in Myanmar, known not only in the country but also among international art lovers. From time to time, commemorating shows of the works of various late famous masters have been and will be held. Other exhibitions such as for embassies and the UN, photo exhibitions or competitions, as well as book fairs have been held and these traditions will contine. Also, paintings can now be bought by installment, as this rule which was in place during the early years of the gallery, has been revived.

The Lokanat continues to hold solo and group exhibitions on all genres of art and it was here tat the first official permission was given to hold performance and installation arts.

For the year 2011, Lokanat aims to sponsor exhibitions for both members and non-members, in either solo or group shows, with a special commitment to showcase the works of emerging young artists. We also plan to work with artists from other countries to hold workshops, seminars and cultural exchange programs.

We once again affirm our dedication to the aims and principles of the founders of the Lokanat Gallery of Art and to continue the good work they started forth years ago.

The Lokanat Gallery of Art